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Food Preparation Equipment

Cutting, shaping & mixing equipment found in the professional kitchen.



French Cook's or Chopping Knife
for chopping, dicing, slicing & shredding.


Steel Knife used for sharpening other knives.


Palette Knife for turning, lifting,
spreading & coating.


Piping Bag for piping soft mixtures
e.g. icing, mashed potatoes.

Filleting Knife for filleting fish.


Grater Coarse for cheese & vegetables.
Fine for nutmeg & rind.


Rolling Pin for rolling out pastry,
scone & biscuit dough.


for blending, mixing and stirring.


Vegetable Knife for paring vegetables.


Mandolin for cutting vegetables.


Pastry Cutter for shaping pastry dough.


Hand Whisk for whisking & blending.



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