Ken Currie

The Glasgow History Mural was commissioned on the 200th anniversary of the Calton Weaver Massacre in 1987. The panels are displayed on the ceiling of the People's Palace. Glasgow Artist Ken Currie was chosen to interpret the history of the city's workers.

"...I wanted to represent a cycle of images that showed the ebb and flow of an emergent mass movement, where the real heroines and heroes were the many unknown working class Scots who fought so selflessy for their rights..." Ken Currie

The eight panels depict scenes of struggle and protest, defeat and victory.

Panel One: Weavers Struggles Panel Two: Radical Wars
Panel Three: The Great Reform Agitation Panel Four: The Socialist Vision
Panel Five: Red Clyde Panel Six: Fight or Starve
Panel Seven: The UCS Panel Eight: Unfurling Our History

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