The Willie Rodger Gallery


Willie Rodger, Scotland's leading print-maker, worked with pupils from nine Scottish schools, teaching them the craft of printmaking. He passed on techniques developed over a lifetime of creating some of Scotland's best-loved prints - prints crafted by hand, using only hand rollers to add the exact tone and texture desired.

To ensure that the next generation does not lose those skills and the creativity they offer, Willie Rodger worked with the schools online, linking in video-tutorials on the internet, discussing in online chat rooms, and monitoring the pupils' work each week as it was uploaded to show how their prints were progressing. Pupils from all over Scotland - from primary seven to sixth year - have worked with him using the latest technology.

The 'Willie Rodger Gallery' contains a collection of the final prints which the pupils created amidst that mixture of traditional craft and modern technology.


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This is a Media Matters initiative in association with Willie Rodger.

With thanks to all teachers & pupils who took part.

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