In the hands of Willie Rodger is a multimedia educational resource comprising of ...

 * The Studio: 12 videos of the artist at work
 * The Gallery: an exhibition of 200 works
 * The Response: critiques and background essays


Supplied as a dual disc package (DVD and CD-ROM), with a school site licence.


The resource includes a DVD of 12 videos, filmed in The Studio. A range of techniques is explained and demonstrated. With reference to specific prints, Willie Rodger takes students through the methods which he used to produce them. The DVD is full-screen quality and is designed for whole-class viewing using, for example, a data projector, as well as for individual viewing.

MPEG versions of the 12 videos shot in The Studio are also provided on the accompanying CD-ROM, thus enabling individual students to view the videos for research and revision purposes on stand-alone computers and/or by accessing the school server.

The CD-ROM also contains The Gallery in which 200 of Willie Rodger's prints, drawings, paintings and design commissions are exhibited. These further illustrate the techniques which have been demonstrated in The Studio and allow students to investigate the work of the artist. The Gallery is ideal for use on an interactive whiteboard, with the whole class 'touring' and commenting upon the exhibition. As with all of the content of the CD-ROM, The Gallery has been designed for networking and the resource includes a site licence for educational establishments which allows the contents of the CD-ROM to be copied onto unlimited numbers of computers and/or the server.

The Response area of the CD-ROM includes essays by, for example, Liz Lochhead and W. Gordon Smith, allowing students to research the background, development and influences of the artist as part of their art and design studies.

A Guide to the Resource suggests which videos and works may be particularly useful for study in specific contexts. A range of student activities - expressive and design- is also outlined. Student sheets have been created for use on an interactive whiteboard, individual computers and/or printing.


In the hands of Willie Rodger DVD & CD-ROM

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