Primary Podcasts
Using Digital Audio (MP3) in Primary Schools

The digital audio files below were produced by teachers on a short inservice course in which they examined the use of MP3 in the curriculum.

You can listen to their recordings by clicking on the links below.

Each recording lasts less than 5 minutes.

These MP3 files have various purposes and illustrate various ways in which digital audio files could be used in the curriculum.

You can also save the files to your computer and play them using, for example, QuickTime or Media Player.


'Podcasting' is the term given to making a series of such digital audio files (MP3s) available for free subscription.

You can also subscribe to these digital audio files as a podcast, ensuring that any new files are automatically downloaded to your computer.

To subscribe, copy the following address into, for example, iTunes (or iPodder):

In iTunes pull down the Advanced menu... select Subscribe to Podcast ... and paste in the above address. The files will then be downloaded to your computer.


Once you have the digital audio files on your computer, you can also copy them onto MP3 players.

If you are using a class set of MP3 player/recorders, all pupils, working in pairs, would then be able to listen to and to work on particular files.

 Podcast P001 Writing Poetry
  Podcast P002 This Term @ Neilsland Primary
Podcast P003 Determined to Succeed - St Andrew's Day
  Podcast P004 Outdoor Activities - Residential Course
  Podcast P005 Rich Task - African Stories
  Podcast P006 A Councillor's Visit
  Podcast P007 Fashion Show Report
  Podcast P008 Eco-Committee Meeting

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'Primary Podcasting Course' attended by staff from Bankhead Primary, Burgh Primary, Calderwood, David Livingstone Memorial Primary,

East Milton Primary, Gilmourton Primary, Greenhills Primary, James Aiton Primary, Mount Cameron Primary, Neilsland Primary, Robert Smillie Memorial Primary,

St Patrick's Primary, Sandford Primary and Woodhead Primary

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