Liz Lochhead Collection:

St Paul's Academy


Ailsa McMaster Christmas Tree
Alex Duncan About my Brother
Andrew Thomson Little Fat Cat
Annalise Gordon The big 'I am'...
Brogan Ramsay Numb
Cameron Cosgrove Great Grandfather
Carolyn Batchelor Snake
Celena Caswell Rejection!
Claire Whitelaw My Flute
Courtney Mackie My Little Brother
Danielle Lawrence Beauty
Devon Grant The Christmas Tree
Eve McKaig Only She
Hope Ramage My Sister
Jack Cameron The knife
Jordan Poland Granny P
Matthew Bratton My Friend
Megan Connor Eight Letters Three Words (emotion)
Paul McKiddie The Way You Do
Rebecca Smith My Dad
Robert Birtles Sword
Rory McGrath The Evil Goat
Samantha Hudson Gathering Dust
Samantha Macdonald Sparky
Sarah Johnson My Closest Cousin
Sarah Munns I'd die for you tomorrow
Stewart McKenzie A Football


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