St Paul's Academy: Cameron Cosgrove



Great Grandfather

When I was young,
too young to remember,
I loved to visit my great grandad
Or so I've been told...

My face would light up,
Everytime I saw your,
soft, wrinkled, frail features,
You would try so hard,
to keep me amused,
Or so I've been told...

You would take me with you
when you tried to sleep
However sleeping wasn't my hobby
I would often become restless,
So my grandad would change his objective
For one old man
He could surprisingly jump quite high
Or so I've been told...

Sometimes we would go on an adventure
to the back of the garden
Though we'd never return clean
Thought to be impossible,
for an old man and baby
Or so I've been told...

He would often
sneak me away
to give me some melted chocolate
he never knew much about babies
However, he would always get caught,
For I was a messy eater
Or so I've been told...

Then one beautiful summers day,
as my grandfather sat in his chair,
he looked into the blazing sun,
that beamed onto his lap,
he closed his eyes,
and they never opened again...

I wasn't even one year old...

by Cameron Cosgrove