St Paul's Academy: Annalise Gordon



The big 'I am'...

I am that perfect shoe, high-heeled, peep-toe, bow on the front, perfect.
I fit your right foot better than your left and I am comfortable.
I look gorgeous and I match your outfit well.
But I wish I was a bag.....

I am that useless old bag,
I sit in your room everyday never moving and I am unused.
I do look good but you replaced me.
How I wish I was a t-shirt.....

I am that size 8 t-shirt,
You wear me even though your a 10 and I am blue.
I don't match your other clothes but you always wear me.
But I wish I was a jumper.....

I am that cosy jumper,
You love me when its cold
or your ill and I am special.
I'm only used when you need me but I don't mind.
But how I wish I was a necklace.....

I am that stunning necklace,
I make your outfits look better.
I am understated.
I know you adore me even though I'm a rare accessory.
I wouldn't be anything else.....
Although, perhaps...a shoe?

by Annalise Gordon