St Paul's Academy: Sarah Johnson



My Closest Cousin

My mum sister's son, is my closest cousin.
Apart from my brother, we're the youngest of eight.
He's a year older and five feet taller.
You can tell we're related because
we both are tall, with blue eyes and dark brown hair.

His aim is to embarrase me,
It's like his job.
But through all the years
We've always been together.
When we were younger
we made tents with the bed sheets.
Then played hide "n" seek untill it was time for tea.
Till now where i only speak to him in school,
Where we only have time
for a simple hi.

I'll forever remember those younger days.
And when we meet again it's just like old times
But as we get older, time is running out.
His voice has already broken.
And now I wear make-up
However nothing will change
The way I feel
about my closest cousin
who is my brother.

by Sarah Johnson