St Paul's Academy: Megan Connor



Eight Letters Three Words (emotion)

A smile on my face,
Whenever you're around
A smile that grows,
At the sound,
Of those three words,
Eight letters,
The highlight of my day
Remembering the memories,
The ones that cannot fade
These are the days,
You won't forget
The ones you wouldn't trade

Then it bursts like bubblegum,
All over your face
And my smile fades away,
Whenever you're around,
I watch her smile growing
At the three words you say
I'm hoping that the memories,
Will one day dissapear,
And for that poor, blinded girl,
For that clueless girl i fear
I hear her say "forever",
But forever is so long,
I should know,
Is a long time to be wrong

by Megan Connor