St Paul's Academy: Ailsa McMaster



Christmas Tree

When winter comes it's my time to shine,
Me, a small tree,
Branches fine,
Green in colour,
Small in size,

I'm taken from my home,
Deep in the forest,
Away from the place I grew up,
The place I always knew,
Always loved,
And moved to my last resting place,
The only place I'll ever know,
For the last few weeks of my life,

I am decorated with many different things,
Red strings, green ones,
Gold too,
Maybe even silver just to make me colourful,
By the end,
I'm as pretty as could be.

As the days go past,
I see everything,
They put funny shapes under me.
Shapes of all sizes,
Lots of colours too,

Next day,
Early in the morning,
I wake up to laughter,
And there is the colourful paper all over the floor,

The next thing I know,
I'm launched in to the cold,
My needles fall to the hard, wet ground,
Left here to die,

My life has been short,
But good,
Worth living,
Me -
a little Christmas tree

by Ailsa McMaster