St Paul's Academy: Matthew Bratton



My Friend

I sometimes wonder
How you can stand me
As you say I tend to take things 'far'
Yet we rarely fall out
Our time together is usually spent
Eating or laughing
Or playing a rather heat and competative game of Fifa,
You score two goals in the dying minutes of the game
I let out a shout of disgust
Vowing never to play the 'damned' game again
And still as the sun starts to come up
And we sit red eyed
Filled to bursting point with our stolen food
We sit still playing
I try to get my revenge
No matter however seldom that happens
As you seem to be the luckier of the two
When after we finally decide to go to sleep
We awake
Bleary eyed and still exhausted
To the lovely smell of bacon sizzling
And as we devour or bacon rolls
and hurriedly get ready for the day ahead
We know that the awfulness,
The exhaustion we feel is worth it

by Matthew Bratton