St Paul's Academy: Eve McKaig



Only She

Her slippers skift the carpet
As she darts around the kitchen
You can hear her before you see her
My Grandad had always said
I watch her in her element-
Busy, never stopping or pausing

Her homemade yorkshire puddings
Rising slowly in the oven
The smell that only she can create.
Everything is cooked to unique perfection
She is a perfectionist, a cook, a family member or friend
An aunt, cousin, mother and sister

She laughs in that familiar jolly way
When I imitate her english accent
The sound of her laughter, the smell of her cooking
Brings an ever widening smile to face
Her presence is uplifting and enlightening for all
As we sit down to tuck in to our delicious meal

Her warm cuddles and friendly grin
Are but a few of the things I will miss
As I see her not so often now
Because she lives so many miles away.
But I can't wait till the next visit
When I will smell her cooking once more.

by Eve McKaig