St Maurice's High School: Colm Burns



"The Predator"

It emerged out from the thicket in the bushes and let out and huge yawn.
Its teeth were like white sharp knifes and as white as pearls.
It walked along the side of the river its golden brown coat and black spots reflected of the water.
It saw something and crept up along the edge of the riverbank.
Into the dark green bushes.
It was almost impossible to see behind all the leaves.
Its head peered out of all the branches and leaves.
Its eyes were glued to a herd of wilderbeast preparing to cross the river.
It got down low on the long grass and started to stalk.
Its shoulders rolled up and down like two big boulders.
The safari jeep moved closer to the river to get a closer look at the silent predator.
There was a wet damp smell were the jeep had stopped.
The predator on the other side of the river crept up closer to the edge of the riverbank silent and swiftly.
It stopped behind a bush and waited patiently for the wilderbeast to cross the river.
The white tip of its tail was showing at the edge of the bush twitching with excitement.
The herd of wilderbeast crossed the river and ran across it one by one.
I could hear the pound of a thousand hooves battering of the water.
The predator pounced and grabbed hold of a wilderbeasts neck.
Its teeth and razor sharp claws sank deeper into the wilderbeast flesh.
The wilderbeast slowly died and the safari jeep slowly drove off.
I glanced back at the mighty leopard and watched it slowly disappear into the bushes.

by Colm Burns