St Maurice's High School: Ciaron Traynor



Former Majesty

Towering over my brethren,
a king in my forest abode,
a master of my domain.
The joy of a new dawn,
the birds that perch proudly on my branches,
chirping their sweet melody.
The newborns,
cosy in their little nests,
resting on my arms,
safe in the haven of,
my interwoven branches and,
verdant curtains of leaves,
give me a sense of purpose.

The horror of a storm.
Observing the clouds converging above me,
as the tempest begins.
Being battered by the wind,
my colossal body tossed back and forth,
pain ripping through my body.
The rain lashing against my leaves,
a torrent of water streaming down my branches.
The fear I feel,
deep within me as,
the thunder rolls across the horizon,
and the lightning rages around me.
The growing terror as,
I watch the jagged forks striking,
my brothers around me, scarring their once proud boles.
The relief as the storm subsides,
and I am unmarked.

My final day,
when the bite of the saw tears,
through my skin.
An explosion of pain.
Destroying me.
Killing me.
And I wonder.
How can a creature,
as tiny, puny and insignificant as it,
deliver such overwhelming pain?
How can it,
so arrogantly end another life?
All for me,
to be hauled away from my birthplace,
to become another sheet of blank, nondescript paper.
My former majesty obliterated,
the birds homeless and lost.
All to be written upon,
and then,

by Ciaran Traynor