St Maurice's High School: Ciarra Ruddy



My Little Sister

In her own world, unaware of those surrounding and watching her
Not scared or shy in company
A confident, cheeky grin and a little laugh too
Happy, full of life and funny
She dances in the garden, it's her stage
The sun, amused by her innocence,
Highlighting the dimples when she smiles
Her bright blue eyes, her long golden shinning hair
Her hand on her hip, dancing to the beat
Like a red spinning top, she spins around and around, her dress spinning with her
Twirling and swirling
The little sister I'm used to.

Her first day of nursery
Not talking, not confident, her cheeky grin hidden
Clinging to my mum, not in her own world any more
The dimples have disappeared, her bright blue eyes seem to have dimmed,her hair isn't shinning any more
A new surrounding, a new place, she's unsure
No familiar faces, she's out of her comfort cocoon
And it's not the light I'm used to seeing her in.

by Ciara Ruddy