St Maurice's High School: Chloe Baird



The Office Chair

Here he comes
There it is
A monstrous beast
His tummy drooping beneath his belt
I think it is time for a diet now
His horrid aroma spreads across the office like a forest fire
He’s getting closer now, to close for comfort
Soon two cheeks press against me, I don’t mean facial cheeks
I hold in a squeal, but the silly humans of the office don’t notice my friends screaming as the pain is just too much. The humans call, ‘squeaky chair, squeaky chair’ we are not mice; we don’t squeak we scream from the pain from your oversized bodies.
Can he not read?
I have a weight restriction
And my overweight friend you are far passed the restriction.
The weight as he sits my on body seams to increase as he never stops eating. Crumbs fall on me from his sandwiches, cola dripping on to me, I feel my back legs begin to wobble and shake. His weight is just too much, BANG! I crash to the floor. We lay in silence for only a second until waves of laughter kill the silence. His face as red as a tomato in ripe. Even though my time on this earth is almost over seeing his face like that, him realising how obese he is, was the best moment any chair would or could ask for.


by Chloe Baird