St Maurice's High School: Ashley Welch




Express your emotions, thoughts and feelings,
Keep writing till your hearts content.
The hours go by and before you know it, so much time has been spent.
I'm your personal thought-reliever, friend and the one you turn to in time of need.
Different things rush into your mind, they're transfered onto the page as your hand glides over it with speed.
Feel the smooth, shiny coat of mine as your fingers wrap around it,
see the blood-like ink being smudged as when your hand rubs over it.
Hear the scratching sound when you scribble down whatever's on your mind,
taste my lid as you chew on it for concentration, when the words you are looking for are unable to find.
Write a letter, write a song, write a poem, sign a card - to whoever you wish, near or far.
Confess to me the things you want no one to hear...the more you write, the more it becomes clear.
I'm privileged to share the wonders and secrets filled up in your head, as to the rest of the world - I am dead.
But I too have a voice, a mind, a heart, a spirit...though no one seems to recognise it!

by Ashley Welch