St Maurice's High School: Tessa McKenna




Trapped, trapped inside this cage, this prison.
Waiting, waited for her to come.
Its been so long since I last saw the light,
So long since I last felt the touch of hands,
So long since I last sang.

The day finally comes.
My cage is unlocked.
I see the light that I have missed so much,
I feel the fresh air surrounding me.
Then, I feel soft, warm hands on my cold, hard body.

Then I feel her lips,
Her soft lips touching my flesh.
Air rushes through me,
It feels sensational.
She knows all my favourite songs,
She knows them perfectly.
Her fingers know exactly where to go.
Together, we produce a wonderful sound.
It's so good to be free,
Free to sing.

But it's over too quickly.
Before I know it, I'm trapped again.
Trapped inside a cage,a prison.
Waiting for the door to be unlocked,
Wondering when I'll be able to see the light,
Wondering when I'll feel soft hands, soft lips,
Wondering when I'll be able to sing.

by Tessa McKenna