St Maurice's High School: Sean Brannan



The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Quick, fast, sharp
A small foot ambushes a surprised yellow ball
It soars through the air gracefully
And with a contrasting action, it violently plummets to the ground.
It brushes against the olive green grass, and flies into a welcoming net.
My ears thud as an ear splitting cheer erupts from behind.
I spin around as a stone rebounds off a boot and onto my leg,
My brother Kyle celebrates proudly, contented by his victory.
He runs to tell all, to spread the news and I think...
How can he be so overjoyed, so happy?
How can he feel so accomplished with one action?
I suppose it is one of the virtues he possesses that not many do.
For the rest of the day he will surely be happy.
And all will benefit from his radiance.
His glow will shine, dim all others.
Even in the face of adversity this will stand out.
But then this is just one of the many qualities of my brother.
Then again.......
I stand in front of the mirror finally happy with how I look.
Hair spiked, check, teeth brushed, check, washed, check.
Following, are an endless list of tasks which take surprising amount of time to complete.
I step outside and head for the car.
The fresh wind blows defiantly in my face yet I am happy.
I feel the thick , plastic handle in my hand.
A familiar yellow ball crashes into the brick wall that faces me and rebounds.
I am shocked, startled and surprised.
As I jump to the side I turn around to face my attacker.
Kyle stands there grinning.
He aims the dirty ball once again and I roar, cry for help.
He takes great pleasure in firing the ball with what seems like lethal precision.
I dart for the door, utilizing my pathetic running skills in an attempt to reach the house clean.
As I burst into the house I turn back to face Kyle.
He stands smiling once again.
His delight is reflected in his taunting eyes.
But, now in the safe haven that is my house.
I realise my brother is a very special, unique person.
He is a mysterious figure indeed.
He is a torment no doubt.
He will give off a special feeling when he enters a room for the rest of his life.
He will always care for others.
I am confident. I am sure he will always annoy but will always help anyone (including me).
For the rest of my life he will be my brother.
In all the dimensions of his personality, the good the bad and the ugly.
He will be there.

by Sean Brannan