St Maurice's High School: Lisa Agyako



The dead frog!

One day as I walked home from school,
I saw a dead frog and thought it was cool.
I thought of how he could have died,
As I crept closer i could have cried.

Was he dead? I was unsure,
If he was sick, I'd find a cure!
So I aimed at him and chucked a stone,
He didn't move at all, not a muscle or bone.
So he was dead, I was sure of it!
I named the poor old fella Kit.

He was a greenish colour but turning brown,
I walked even closer and then crouched down.
There were little red spots all over his back,
Maybe this frog had been attacked?
Or maybe it was a pattern, just his skin colour.
Then I heard the annoying voice of my little brother..

So along came Craig, Callum and Rachael aswell,
We shouted our Mums over and started to tell,
About this dead frog that we had found,
I found it first so I was proud!

So there he lay not making a sound,
Also not moving, on the cold, hard ground.
I felt compelled to touch the frog,
Which still was as silent and still as a log.
Would his skin feel soft or slimy?
I didnt touch him, his body so tiny.

This dead frog was the coolest thing I'd ever found,
Except from the day that I found five pound!
I wasn't allowed to take poor Kit home!
So we walked away and left him all alone...

by Lisa Agyako