St Maurice's High School: Kate Hardie




You'd come in drunk,
Almost every night,
With the half bottle in your hand,
You'd fall in the garden,
On the mud that was like sand,
Stumbling about,
But you are a legend,
Everyone knows you,
And did until the end.
You'd smoke all the time,
Until you couldn't see the white around your eyes,
Seeing you in the coffin,
was like a corpse in disguise.
Calling you papa,
Would make you go mad,
But we knew you were kidding,
And we were glad.
The change would jingle in your pocket,
Like a bell on a cat,
And whenever it was cold,
You would always wear your good hat.
Fighting with trees,
You were a good laugh,
And the slighest bit of air,
You thought to be a draught.
Your weird taste in food,
Didn't impress anyone,
And no matter what state you were in,
You were always great fun.
Apart from that night you fled,
Everyone was upset,
When you were pronounced dead.
But we've all moved on,
And you're still in our hearts,
Until the day we meet again,
Hopefully we will never part.

by Kate Hardie