St Maurice's High School: Joseph Quinn-Toye



The Fox

A small form slinks across the grass, paws padding
Timidly moving aside fallen branches and shrivelled ,dead leaves with its nose
As I spot it, I stop, while everyone else carries on
This moment, for them, is insignificant
Cars drive past, I smell someones dinner, a distant shout
I step on a twig in my attempt to examine
The head spins round, ears upright, like two satellite dishes scanning the darkness
Its eyes seem to light its path, glowing like the headlights of the passing cars
Its dark red coat screams out for recognition, screams out to be noticed against the monotony of the dark night and the one colour of its habitat
I too, just like the animal, am timid in my approach
My heart thumps so loudly, it should scare the creature off
And then my first encounter ends
The fox runs off and I return to the world and friends

by Joseph Quinn-Toye