St Maurice's High School: Johnaton Ewart



The Fox

A thud, I got up looked out the window
into my back garden.
A small bushy tailed fox
stealthily approached the plant pot
with the fish under it that I had caught previosly that day.

It attempted to knock the pot over
several times before a final
ferocious swipe of its paw knocked it over. It was gingery orange and extremely dirty.

It then used its claws
to rip the polly bag apart.
I could feel the heat of the radiator beneath me.

I opened the window it was quiet outside,
a smokey smell made its way in the window.
The darkness was difficult to see through.

I made a hissing noise to scare it away but the cunning fox simply looked up at me, began to growl then picked the fish up in its mouth and slunk away under the garden gate.

by Jonathon Ewart