St Maurice's High School: Hannah Moore




A warm welcoming fire on a cold winter's night,
It's that steamy bubble bath upstairs waiting for you to come home to
and that unopenend box of chocolates stashed away for a night when your all by yourself,
Warm, luxurious, relaxing.

It feels like arms wrapped around you constanly
for saftey and support,
Their big inviting smile at the end of a long hard day,
That glistening twinkle in their eye
and the cool peppermint smell coming from that special someone's breath,
Soft, welcoming, inviting.

It's that special scrapbook filled with treasured memories and thoughts,
That oldstuffed bear that you couldn'[t bring yourelf to part.
The musky smell of a family member's perfume,
Th tones of a loved one voice
and an old CD of all your favourite songs,
Distinctive, memorable, special.

The cinnamon and roasted apple scent coming from your favourite candle,
The freshly baked cookies smell from your late grndmother's kitchen,
It's that warm cosy bed, waiting for you in the middle of cold room,
and the heavy rain beating on your bedroom window at night
Calm, Tranquil, Peaceful.

by Hannah Moore