St Maurice's High School: Daniel Hansen



The Old Dear

My kind loving gran,
Her heartwarming innocent smile staring at you,
She is so loving and kind towards people and never has a bad thing to say about anyone or anything.
She always tries to hypnotize people with treats and I must say even though most people will not take anything from old people,I often accept what is on offer.
My gran is one for her tea,
she cant go a minute without it,
it doesnt matter if we are in a stampede of people in a shop or the furthest possibe trek away from a pot of tea she will always say to me'Son,you don't mind if i get a cuppa' and even though I hate tea I always give in to that tempting grin she gives me.
She always gives me things and it sometimes feels as though she is giving me the key to the world.
A fry-up is always waiting whenever i come to call,amazing,
that fantastic taste which draws your tounge out for more of that greasy magic.
Her sweet kind soft voice always has a good thing to say to try and operate.
Pink,green,blue,white,purple or any colour of flowers will light up my gran's sparkling blue eyes so much.
My gran always is funny,she ends up saying things that are so funny that I almost left in a sea of tears with laughter.
She always has strawberry red hands which is because she never stops doing things for people and this emphasises how caring she is.
My gran has many friends who all like her very much.
She always seems to be never angry with people and if they do something wrong she will always have a trick up her sleeve in which in most cases will definetly sort the problem.
She is also very holy and very prayerful as she loves to go to mass every day and is a very strong believer that good always defeats evil.

By Daniel Hansen