The Nicolson Institute: Calum Fraser




Have you ever dreamt a dream of hapiness?
I wouldn't believe it if you said you had!
You grin behind those fake teeth, at the discomfort and suffering of others.
So shallow...Hollow!

Is it a statement of pride?
You're vulnerable...Yes, you!
You know it too,
Yet you continue to hide behind your cruelty.

Someone sang a song of joy,
Inappropriate, wouldn't you say?
Why crave bitterness?
You're a cynic and you love it...At least, you pretend you do anyway.

An attention seeker. You're a fake.
You're empty. Your insides dried up long ago.
Like the inside of an orange peel.
When you see pain, you feast on it's flesh. You are hydrated.

I chew through your wall
And i spasm. My eyes twitch.
I peel your skin from the bone, nothing inbetween.
I find a cloud of wickedness, masking anxiety.

You fear the frightening but you frighten the fearful.
You strike others down and think nothing of it.
I strike you. I see you bleed.
You can't get back to your feet. Don't!!

I hold my breath. I bite my lip.
Until my throat bleeds. Until my mouth bleeds. My eyes, so red.
I will vomit blood, restraining myself...But remember this...
..I shall show no such courtesy anymore.

Remember this, I said!!
Not a statement of pride..
..An agreement shall we say.
I will take you down..Remember..Remember me.

by Calum Fraser