The Nicolson Institute: Marina Maciver



The Elegant Dancer

Elegant Dancer
dancing across the grassy meadow
Moonlight shines on orange fur
Eyes, alert and suspicious
Dart around the meadow
Nose twitching
Sniffing out danger

He dances closer
His scent hits my nose
He has an animal reek about him
Closer and closer he dances
So close now that I can almost touch him
His sleek and velvety coat
Soft and warm

I will cherish this moment
The night is perfect
With only the elegant dancer
to interrupt my thoughts
The moonlight floods the meadow
The long grass sways and dances
Everybody is asleep
but the night has come alive

He darts across the meadow
In a fast dance
Faster and Faster he dances
Until he takes one last gracefulleap
and disappears from my sight

by Marina Maciver