Kinross High School: Johanna Weir



A Baritone's Complaint

I sit in my case,
I sit on the chair,
I sit in your arms,
Not very often I hasten to add!

And you have the cheek to wonder why,
I do not work as well as I should.
My valves stick and my slides do not move.
I try my best, but it is hard.

I hear the wise words of your teacher,
who tells you "practice is the key".

Do you think Brass is easy?
I only have 3 valves,
yet still I have a range
with my flats and my sharps.

I maybe shiny
but it won't be for long.
I cannot clean myself
I must watch as you clean me,
And you only do that on special occasions.

My day is spent
wondering when I will next be lifted.
You only pick me up
For Lessons and Band.

And as for holidays
I spend all my time
locked in my little case.

Just play me once in a while
I know you want to,
I have begun to understand you,
Your pals
Your shopping
Your dreaded homework.

You have such little time,
But playing me
Is Contentment,
Light Relief.

by Johanna Weir