Liz Lochhead Collection:

Hyndland Secondary School


Alana Lawson You and I
Andrew Bibb Grandparents
Arianne Crabbe The Pencil
Arion Xenos The Measure of a Man
Callum Doig The Snake
Christopher Tabor goodnight
Darryl McAneny Her
Eilidh Mcclernon The Snake
Ella Shimmin Acquaintance in the night
Eve Alexander I Choose Freedom
Flora Davis The fox is shinning bright tonight
Gregor Urquhart the scribbler
Hannah Wilson My Dog
Heather Sanford A bear's cry
Jack Robertson Joy
Kane McLay Money
Kara Ross Skinny Genes
Katie Adams Death
Konrad Queen The Biscuits
Leila Barrett Not Mine
Liam Galbraith For Lily...
Rebecca Law My Little Sister
Ruby Gray Singer
Sam Aschavir Acrobatic Squirrel
Scott Black Ratty
Steven Gillan Cat
Tatiana Quick I am Yours
Todd Henderson Changing Dreams


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