Hyndland Secondary School: Ella Shimmin



Acquaintance in the night

My eyelids snap
Your cries I hear
I sense somehow that you
Are near

In the darkness my eyes adjust
Thumping down and with one
I stumble into the cold unknown
I stand there, looking alone.

I spot you.
Profound and bold you stand in sight,
You look up and see me to.
Inerested and bewildered you stand,

My body shakes with the cold,
But one advantage you do hold
A bristly thick coat
Of autumnal shades.
And the white flicker of your tail,
and you rugged whiskers long and pale.

A snout shows, baring teeth I hope that I'm not causing you
But soon your eyes wonder down.
Then they watch closely on the ground.
You sniff and smell to explore
My glazing eyes now urge me toward the door.

With one stare-breaking blink
Into the darkness you have gone
And I do nothing but long,
And hope we meet again
I hope on day I’ll
Be your

by Ella Shimmin