Hyndland Secondary School: Eilidh Mcclernon



The Snake

This is me. The snake.
I can’t help being who I am.
People always think I am different
But I am just like any other animals.
Just because I don’t have many bones im still the same

Everyone thinks I am slimy.
But I am smooth and dry
They think I just move strangely.
But I move slyly and slither across the floor.
They think my hiss will be loud and long.
But it’s not that loud at all.

They say I taste sort of like chicken.
Why they would eat me after judging me.
I don’t know.
Maybe I should do the same.
But I’m only a snake.
What could I do?

Except smell, be slimy hiss a lot.
Move strangely be strange and be feared by most humans.
They judge me by rumours.
It isn’t fair.
But what can I do?
Im only a snake.

by Eilidh Mcclernon