Hyndland Secondary School: Callum Doig



The Snake

The sheer sight of it makes you shake,
You feel an icy shiver,
Or that electric buzz people experience when something exciting happens,
And that dry taste of fear in your mouth.

It hisses at your mere presence, its forked tongue flicks menacingly towards you,
You feel the urge to back off as its rope like body slithers towards you,
You pick it up and its warm, dryness allows its body to slide through your fingers,
Its eyes appear not to take any notice, Its eyes are blind to the threat that you possess- but is this a trick or does it truly feel safe?
Its expressionless face makes it hard for you to understand any emotions it may feel, as its eyes are glazed, Is it even really there?

Though It feels threatened,
Its appearance seems to belong to another time – a land of huge dinosaurs and flying pterodactyls. It clearly doesn't belong here, in a world of satellites and space shuttles,
Yet here it is,

You place the snake down, on the rough ground and watch it slide away,
Perfectly disguised in the

By Callum Doig