Hyndland Secondary School: Sam Aschavir



Acrobatic Squirrel

The soft, smooth, silky squirrel,
Scrambles up a rough rugged tree.
Tasty, flavoursome acorns,
What a treat.
Meawww…. The soft sound of an innocent cat.
But not so innocent to the acrobatic squirrel

The squirrel shoots away like a bullet!
Scudding through wet slippery mud.
Whizzing through bushes!
Under cars!
Over fences!
Up trees!
Always, closely followed by the terrifying cat.
There is no getting away for the acrobatic squirrel.

Until, the squirrel sights a,
Large, luxurious, heaven like, tree.
The squirrel will be safe up there.
The squirrel climbs the red, autumn, trunk
Dazzling, against the cold, grey sky.

by Sam Aschavir