Hyndland Secondary School: Allana Lawson



You and I

Do you really need
To see or speak everyday
To have an ever lasting friendship?
We don’t speak a lot,
Or even see each other all that much,
But you and I,
We have something that will never fade,
Never die.

Times have been hard,
And no one understands,
The grieving you’ve had to do,
And all that we’ve been through.

With a bond as strong,
As the stitching in the jacket,
We once shared,
We just about make it through.
One arm to you,
One arm to me.

Yet the bond of protection,
That wraps around us both,
Only gains strength,
As the years move on.

But I can’t help but wonder,
Will this ‘bond’ ever be gone?


by Allana Lawson