Hyndland Secondary School: Kara Ross



Skinny Genes

“Put ‘em up!” you yell
Your mad eyes glinting, identical
To the disapproving set staring back at you.
My fists raise,
Weak and defenceless,
Your strong, clenched hands jab
Once. Twice. Three times.
You give up. I’m useless.
Your energy and fire burns bright
Scaring me
The fight and passion shines

You’ve kicked and hit and aimed all your life
It seems so effortless.
If we hadn’t been born to under the same roof,
Would we have really been friends?
Sometimes, I’m jealous of you.
If I told you that you’d probably laugh in my face.
A laugh of fire
A laugh bold, standing proud above the heads around you
Making me proud.

We could talk for hours
We’d probably never shut.
Not siblings but
My friends don’t understand
“Brother bonding!” they jeer
But I just laugh
The laugh of fire I learnt from you.

by Kara Ross