Hyndland Secondary School: Kane McLay




You need me
You are obsessed with me
You fight for me
You die for me
I control you
You either have me or you don’t
I can make lives or destroy them

I have many faces;
I am the queen, the president, the sheik…
I don’t smell at all, yet people smell me
I can be stored, saved or spent
I can come in a card, note, coin or credit

I have many values and many names;
Dirham, dollar, dime…
Some say I make the world go round
I can make you happy
But not for long

I am the mansion or the cardboard box
The Bugati Veyron or the slow rusty bike
I am your food and water

You can welcome me or dread me
I am the bill
Or the pay check
You can’t live without me
Or with me

by Kane McLay