Hyndland Secondary School: Heather Sanford



A bear's cry

A wail of loneliness
He walks slowly across the colourful autumn leaves,
He comes to a halt and curls up,
Ashamed and lonely
The soft hairs on his body blow with the cold, light breeze
His big bold bear claws hidden from sight,

Crunch crunch,
The noises of close footsteps begin
crunch crunch...
But will the bear dare to move
As the footsteps get closer he opens one eye
crunch crunch...
Waiting patiently without a sound

The forced silence is broken
He rises with a roar
Up on hind legs he gives another growl,
With teeth as white as pearls
And eyes as fiery as the devils
his claws as jagged as daggers
He turns from innocent
To evil

The footsteps become faster
With one last wail
He is gone
This is the cry of a bear

by Heather Sanford