Hyndland Secondary School: Gregor Urquhart



the scribbler

I await your relentless grasp
To lift me poised
Bringing me crashing down
Crunching onto white pages
Ruining their quiet peacefulness

Relentless is your grip
Painfully I etch your
Endless wailing,
My blood seeping away as if from a gaping wound,
Twisting lyric
Engraved in endless snow

And you pause to rest
To massage your creaking wrist
But for me you do not care
Dropped without thought
Clattering on your worktop

Not for long, however
Soon you resume
The tortured, slow moving
Process I have no strength
To resist

Until you are satisfied
And I am shoved
Carelessly into shallow pockets
Expecting, waiting,
For the next snatching paw

Yet as you walk
I fall away with fear
With all my might I call out
Not making a sound
As your footsteps continue
Out of view
And I wait
For the next hand, unrelenting,
To lift me poised
And again, crash down.

by Gregor Urquhart