Hyndland Secondary School: Flora Davis



The fox is shinning bright tonight

As he runs the fiery hues are becoming one,
And they dance into the endless woods,
only to be lost as a blur in my memory.

The nuzzle causiosly dips in and out of the powerfully scented wonders,
A whip of the bristly tail displays his mood,
He searches my face with a singular gaze,
His stong, sharp eyes constantly on the look out,
His distorted bark, his cry for help, his trumpet of achievement,
I remember never to be forgotten.

No more to be seen or heard from that red flash,
But his soul still courageously pounds and leaps alone, with overwhelming spurts of ease,
Through the timelessness look of the deadly, deep, dark, mist that is the trees.

The fiery angel is lost,
But he’s still shinning bright tonight.

by Flora Davis