Dalry Secondary School: Toby Wise



Blood n' Guts

In the old Norseman era,
Blood spilled from tons of Saxons,
Yar a Viking then ya kill Saxons,
Stuff their guts doon their throats.

Ya cut their heads off and drink from their skulls,
Ya also make a pool oot of their Saxon blood,
Ya die in battle ya go tae Valhalla,
Ya shoot arrows at the throats of the Saxons.

Ya taer the limbs off the cowardly Saxons,
Ya decorate yar house with the skulls of Saxons,
Ya make great Odin prood of yar bloodthirsty work.

Ya also make Saxons slaves and they dini work,
like ya want them to do ya drown them,
Ya also sacrifice them to Odin and eat their intestines.

by Toby Wise