Dalry Secondary School: Jessica Lawrie




I sit on your bed when you're at school
I wait hours for you
I listen for your soft voice

I go everywere with you
I've been to Paris, Rome and loads more
I've been in the sea with you
I dance with you

I'm still sitting on the bed waiting for you
I realise i've fallen onto the floor
I can't see you
I can't get up!

I remember the time you lost me
I remember you crying
I remember when you found me, you hugged me so tight
I burst one stitch

I'm still there lying on the floor
I hear the door go bang, a person walks in the room
I see it's your mum, she stands on me
I come flying up
I get taken down the stairs

I get flung into a big machine
I hear the sound of gushing water
I start spinning round and round!

I am soked
I am ripped, it hurts!!

I see my stuffing beside me
I see i'm cut!

I am taken out
I am looked at

I am chucked in the silver container, it stinks!

I hear my owners soft, gentle voice
I hear her crying.

by Jessica Lawrie