Dalry Secondary School: Hannah Daly




I sit there staring at you on the highest shelf I could be,
Waiting and dreaming for you to open me and read me,
I do not speak but my characters do,
In my book land world of imagination.

I used to breathe in everyday life,
But now I sit on a shelf and never get read,
I cough as I am covered in an inch of dust,
Please read me and clean me.

I’ve sat here for 5 years waiting to be read,
I’ve made my decision and I am going to bed,
Now your mamma’s picked me up and now I can be free,
In the car, I’m going on holiday.

I’m in a box full of junk, the snow bear and the once coloured slingy,
Oh no that means I’m going to the junkyard,
My pages are flying, my characters screaming.

by Hannah Daly