Carluke High School: Mehreen Anjum





Insubstantial, that I am, but,
As you shall soon see,
I am real,

Creeping out of my watery grave
Wrapping you in my blanket,
That with me I dragged,
To smother you in the milky cloudiness that I am.

As I descend, people cringe,
But whether from helplessness,
Or blindness,
I don’t care
As I steal your sight.

Some lose more,
Can’t tell, don’t use
Their other senses,
But that’s how I murder,
Yet not what I see.

My sight comes (as yours does not),
From deeper, darker,
Less clear means.
Since Mother Nature has since decided
That I must not be.

Yet I am.
As I stand weary I must presume,
Hope that my dear cousins
Shall cover my tracks against the light
While I create darkness.

But not all is evil,
Survival of the fittest,
That is not evil,
Nor am I.

I give you snatches,
Glimmers of sight,
And the sense
In using all of your senses,
Is what can save you

From my wrath.

As I ascend
As light returns
As life continues
You can never forget
That in the depths
I shall be watching.

by Mehreen Anjum