Carluke High School: Lauren Thurley




Nothing can stop
me, nothing can break
my routine. But I
can break yours.

I never stand
still, constantly moving throughout the world.
But I can make you
feel as though you’re standing
still. Or I can make you feel as though
you’re whizzing around.

In circles I scrape
and move, through the air.

My big, bold, black hands ease
round. And round.
I turn the day, changing
into the night.

I am an image imprinted
into your mind.
I am a constant reminder
that I will remain.
When you are not.
But until then,
You alter your life to suit me.

You look down at me,
and I gaze up at you.
Another hour past. So I beep.
You sigh and move quickly, not me.

I continue
to tick, slowly, and I am there, watching
you walk, run, skip and jump
through your life.

by Lauren Thurley