Carluke High School: Euan Dickson



The Humble Maths Textbook

I am the source of so much anguish.
carole ford. heinemann. john harris.
They all made me.
I am the humble maths textbook.
I am the terrorist of the classroom,
The Anti-Christ of the creative mind.
I pressure the children to carry on,
Even though they cannot.
The teacher helps me – he is my partner in crime.
I smell of fusty paper,
And my pages are covered in filth
I look like a relic of the fifties,
Worn by the ravages of time.
The children succumb to my relentless questions,
And I take them.
Into a whirlwind of confusion.
I am the humble maths textbook,
The murderer of the creative child.

by Euan Dickson