Carluke High School: Caitlin Duncan




I hear the rustling of the crisp leaves on the ground
You are approaching
The harsh winter has kept you away
But the spring sunshine has brought you back
Your small hand reaches out and touches my trunk
I love the feeling of your soft skin against my hard wood
You begin to climb
I love how you think of it as an adventure
As if I am an unexplored land, though you have climbed many times before
Maybe you will find another place to hide amongst all my new leaves
You reach a resting place high above the ground
You swing your legs and watch the world go by
There is a loud howl in the distance
You scream and turn towards me in fright
I love protecting you, I am your shelter
No sooner than you arrived it is time for you to go
You descend my trunk and you skip away
I hope you come back soon
A while later I hear the rustling of the leaves again
Is it you?
No it’s not, the footsteps are too heavy
I sense something is wrong
I suddenly hear the deadly sound I have feared for so long
I guess my time had to come soon
The drill of the chainsaw grows louder and louder, comes closer and closer
Then is strikes me
I wait for the pain but it does not come
Death was easy, almost peaceful
Several days pass with your absence
Then when I have lost all hope of your return I hear the sweet sound of your light footsteps on the leaves
I suddenly feel extremely embarrassed
You reach out to touch my trunk, it is not there
You look up for my canopy of leaves, you do not find it
I am not so magnificent now.

by Caitlin Duncan