Carluke High School: Yasmin Rogerson



Still Dancing

Why is there a man on your arm?
And why does he dance when you move?
You tell me you were wan o'er the eight,
and big Tam was telling you to hurry up.
Not like you to be impulsive, to be so wild.
But the man on your arm? He's still dancing.

Curled up in the corner, too tired to stand.
Then you appear in the doorway, all leathery skin and big smiling eyes.
I'm up in a second. Papa Dandy's here.
You light up another Regal. Quiet, just like always.

Big John's on the telly. The Quiet Man. Your favourite.
You'll sit for hours, nursing that same mug.
Concentrating, though you've seen it all before.
That big cowboy man's always on at your house.
You never seem to care. You'll watch him again.

That woman in blue's here all the time.
I don't like her. She watches you all the time.
Then she tells the grown-ups nothing's changed.
She doesn't really care about you. I do.
I want her to leave. Just go away. She doesn't care.

Papa Dandy's heart stopped working, she said.
The lady in the blue's gone now. So have you.
The telly's switched off. Big John went with you.
The smell of your last Regal lingers in the hall.
But the man on your arm? I bet he's still dancing.

by Yasmin Rogerson