Carluke High School: Vari McGinty




Trample over me with your mucky feet,
Thumping on my face.

Pounding like fists,
Without repent you continue to
Beat me, again and again
Until I am warped and discoloured.
Until I am numb.

You cannot feel my pain,
I am invisible, worthless.

I hoard infinite memories
Of nights in with the girls.
The red wine deeply engrained,
Coiled around my aged wool.

Long has been the day when
I was fluffy and new,
Like floating on a cloud,
No grubby trainers would grace my
Pearly skin.

Now I am unrecognisable,
The victim of Iron plates,
Melting my exterior,
Leaving its angry mark.

I am tortured,
No way for me to plead for mercy,
No one to hear my cries.
I must suffer in silence,
Frustrated, alone.

by Vari McGinty