Carluke High School: Samantha Mackintosh




I see her. Plastering herself in my makeup.
All over my mirror, all over my carpet, all over her face. A mess.
I stand completely still watching her pout and pose in my mirror.
Then I hear myself roaring, about to explode.
She dodges past me, bolting out my room.
I feel my legs automatically chasing after her.
“I’m going to kill you!” my mouth screams as I hunt her down.

The beast catches up with its prey. Pouncing on her back like a lion.
She tumbles to the ground helplessly, squealing like a warthog.
She tries to struggle free. Unsuccessfully.
I glance at her face. And she is smiling.
“sorry” she surrenders, giggling uncontrollably.
She looks completely ridiculous.
Her angelic expression staring up at me innocently
“It wasn’t me” she lies with the evidence smeared all over her face.

by Samantha Mackintosh